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TiO2-Graphene Particles cited as “Miniscule Particles with Massive Potentials”

An article on TiO2-graphene nanocomposites has been cited as “What's Hot in Chemistry” by Science Watch. The article “Self-Assembled TiO2-Graphene Hybrid Nanostructures for Enhanced Li-ion Insertion” appears in the journal ACS Nano and describes the synthesis of titanium dioxide-graphene hybrid composites formed under mild, low temperature conditions. The resulting material was used for electrodes in lithium ion batteries and more than doubled the charge and discharge rates over conventional devices. The work was done at Pacific Northwest Laboratory by the group led by Dr. Jun Liu, in collaboration with Prof. Ilhan Aksay.

[From the website] The Top Ten lists in Chemistry feature papers published during the last two years (excluding review articles) that were most cited in current journal articles indexed by Thomson Reuters during a recent two-month period. Papers are ranked according to the latest bimonthly citation count. The articles are accompanied by expert discussion and analysis (including comments from the papers’ authors) written by one of four veteran scientist-journalists and longtime contributors.

(Posted 27 September 2011)

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