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Princeton Team wins R&D 100 Award for Fast-Charging Batteries

R&D Magazine has cited new battery materials developed by the Pacific Northwest National Laboratoy (PNNL) in collaboration with Vorbeck Materials and Prof. Aksay's group at Princeton as one of the 100 most significant scientific and technological advances of the year. The R&D 100 award recognizes research that demonstrates how small amounts of functionalized graphene sheets dramatically improve the performance and power of lithium-ion batteries, while also significantly reducing the time needed to fully recharge these batteries.

Vorbeck is working to bring this new technology to market for use in consumer electronic devices, tools, and electric vehicles. Vorbeck is also partnering with Hardwire LLC of Maryland to integrate the new batteries into hybrid military vehicles.

Additional information on the research that garnered the R&D100 award can be found on the PNNL news and Vorbeck Materials sites.

(Posted 20 June 2012)

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