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Based on statistics from (10/3/02), Princeton Online has links from over 4,281 Web pages on the Internet. (In comparison, the Packet has 1,098 links) Princeton Online’s links are generally pointing people to high quality information on the greater Princeton area. Our Website is the first listed when searching for Princeton Online in Alta Vista, Google, Yahoo, Hotbot, Excite and MSN. When searching for Princeton, New Jersey we are the first listed in MSN, second in Google, and fifth in Yahoo.


The overall Princeton Online community, not including its clients, has over 1.1 million "hits" each month. This includes over 322,000 page views a month. There were over 70,000 unique computers visiting our Website in November 2002. Our home page is viewed over 17,000 times a month. The largest referrers to this home page were searches on the major search engines listed above as well as direct links from Princeton University, Institute for Advanced Study, State of New Jersey, and local schools, community organizations and businesses. On a monthly basis, our dining guide is visited over 4,000 times, the events listing 2,400 times, the business directory 1,700 times, the events page 1,600 times, the lodging guide 1,100 times, and the shopping guide 1,000 times.